We both have tried.

But we didn't know that trying does not guarantee anything.

We didn't try enough for us to work out.

We didn't say the words for us to stay longer.

We just gave up.

We stopped.

The connection we once thought was strong has now gone weak even loss.

And we didn't know why.

Or perhaps we just deny.

That there are parts of me you refuse to love or things about you I fail to recognize.

And even if I wanna try again.

It will be too late.

When you are occupied with someone else's love now.



My favorite English word.

I find it whenever I am looking at the sea.

That one time, I spent a day at the beach

The white sand and those big waves

But never really felt the comfort it usually gives.

And instead found myself nostalgic

Sad and thinking,

How can my safe haven failed me?

Then I realized, it wasn’t the place

That gives me solace.

It was the person I spent it with.

It isn’t the same when it isn’t you.

I really wish it was you I was with.